Toilet Issues

Most Common Toilet Issues: DIY

Your toilet, often an unsung hero of daily life, deserves a little TLC to keep it running like a well-oiled machine. Luckily, achieving a problem-free and smoothly functioning toilet isn’t rocket science. With a touch of know-how and a sprinkle of routine maintenance, you can ensure that your porcelain companion continues to serve you seamlessly. By dedicating a little time and effort, you can effortlessly conquer common toilet challenges and ensure a hassle-free bathroom experience. Table of Contents 1. Fixing a Loose Seat: A wobbly toilet seat can disrupt your bathroom peace, but the solution is surprisingly simple:– Pry back the bolt caps on the seat.– Hold the bolt in place using a screwdriver while tightening the nut below.– Repeat the process on the other …

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