Smooth Steps to Success: How to Remove a Toilet

How to Remove a Toilet

If you’ve ever pondered the idea of replacing an old toilet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise – it’s a project well within the grasp of most DIY enthusiasts.

This guide will unravel the process, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have mastered the art of toilet removal. Equipped with basic supplies and a bit of elbow grease, you’re ready to transform your bathroom space. Here’s your blueprint to bidding adieu to the old and ushering in the new.

“Smoot Steps to Success, Removing an Old Toilet”

Table of Contents

Essentials at Your Side:

Before you embark on this transformational journey, ensure you have the following supplies:

– Shutoff valve
– Adjustable wrench
– Bucket
– Putty knife
– Stiff wire brush
– Trim caps
– Rag

Removing Your Toilet Step by Step:

1. Turning Off the Water: Commence by turning off the shutoff valve. To empty the tank and ball, give the toilet a final flush.

2. Disconnecting the Water Supply: Say goodbye to the supply line. Disconnect it both at the shutoff valve and the tank.

3. Detaching the Tank: Gently remove the nuts from the mounting bolts, freeing the tank. Set it aside cautiously.

4. Unbolting from the Floor: To unfasten the toilet from the floor, execute the following steps:
– Pry off the trim caps to expose the nuts.
– Gradually remove these nuts.

5. Breaking the Wax Seal: Bid farewell to the wax seal. Gently rock the toilet from side to side until the wax seal is no more. Lift the bowl and move it away.

6. Sealing the Deal: Seal the deal by accomplishing the following:
– Employ a putty knife to remove the wax ring, then dispose of it properly.
– Give the flange and horn a thorough cleaning with a stiff wire brush.

7. Preventing Unwanted Guests: Safeguard your home from sewer gas by employing the following:
– Plug the drain with a rag and top it with a bucket.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have transformed your bathroom, one step at a time. This project bridges the gap between the old and the new, between routine and rejuvenation.

With your old toilet now a memory, you’re one step closer to a revamped bathroom space. So, roll up your sleeves and embrace the journey of transformation, knowing that a brand-new toilet awaits its rightful place in your refreshed bathroom oasis