Select Blinds Revolutionizes Window Coverings in 2023

Select Blinds

In an era where innovation is essential for staying ahead in any industry, SelectBlinds has emerged as a frontrunner in revolutionizing window coverings in 2023. With a strategic focus on product launches and collaborations, this leading provider has consistently pushed boundaries to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

From their recent collaboration with the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum for the V&A William Morris Collection, featuring captivating designs inspired by nature, to their partnership with Olibra/Bond for the development of the SelectConnect Bridge, enabling seamless control of motorized window coverings, SelectBlinds has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions.

As we explore the various facets of their revolution, it becomes clear that SelectBlinds is not just a window covering company but a trailblazer in the industry.

Product Launches and Collaborations

SelectBlinds has successfully launched a series of innovative products and collaborations, revolutionizing the window coverings industry.

One notable product launch was the V&A William Morris Collection, developed in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum. This collection features nature-inspired patterns by William Morris and includes roller shades, drapery, and roman shades. With 28 color combinations across six designs, the V&A William Morris Collection offers customers a wide range of options to suit their individual preferences.

Additionally, SelectBlinds launched the SelectConnect Bridge in partnership with Olibra/Bond, which allows for the pairing and control of motorized window coverings. This advancement in technology provides customers with unified control of up to 30 SelectBlinds shades and blinds, making it easier than ever to manage their window coverings.

These innovative design concepts and advancements in technology demonstrate SelectBlinds' commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for their customers' window covering needs.

Marketing and Advertising

After successfully launching their innovative product line and collaborations, SelectBlinds now turns their focus to the realm of marketing and advertising, seeking to further enhance their brand presence and reach a wider audience. They recognize the importance of enhancing the customer experience and are exploring creative advertising strategies to achieve this goal.

One of their recent marketing initiatives was the debut of their first Big Game ad during the Super Bowl. This commercial aimed to make shopping and installing window coverings easier and more fun by comparing the process to dating. SelectBlinds also collaborated with the Raindrop Agency in San Diego, CA, to develop this commercial.

Moving forward, SelectBlinds will continue to invest in marketing and advertising efforts that not only promote their products but also engage and delight their customers.

Company Milestones

Throughout their journey, SelectBlinds has achieved significant milestones that have shaped the company's growth and success. Celebrating achievements, the company recently turned 20, marking two decades in business.

Founded in 2003 by Rick Steele's quest for blackout shades, SelectBlinds has seen tremendous growth and now boasts a team of over 100 employees. This milestone has been accompanied by headquarters relocation and the development of new partnerships.

Looking towards the future, SelectBlinds has ambitious growth plans. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company aims to continue revolutionizing the window coverings industry. By expanding their product offerings, collaborating with industry leaders such as LEVOLOR, and leveraging technology like the SelectConnect Bridge, SelectBlinds is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come.


With their impressive journey and commitment to revolutionizing the window coverings industry, SelectBlinds has not only achieved significant milestones but also garnered attention for their top-selling products.

Among their bestsellers are the 2 Selectwave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds, which rank number one. These blinds offer a stylish and modern look, providing both privacy and light control.

The Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades come in at number two, offering insulation and blocking out light for a peaceful sleep environment.

Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades rank number three, providing a sleek and timeless design.

Classic Roman Shades, coming in at number four, offer an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room.

Lastly, the Classic Cordless Woven Wood Shades rank number five, providing a natural and organic look that is perfect for trending window covering styles.

These rankings are based on customer reviews, highlighting the popularity and satisfaction of these products among consumers.

General Information

What sets SelectBlinds apart from other window covering companies?

Celebrating 20 years of success, SelectBlinds has established itself as a leader in the industry by collaborating for a healthier home. The company's collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum resulted in the V&A William Morris Collection, featuring nature-inspired patterns by William Morris. This collection offers roller shades, drapery, and roman shades in 28 color combinations across six sophisticated designs.

Additionally, SelectBlinds has partnered with Olibra/Bond to launch the SelectConnect Bridge, allowing for the pairing and control of motorized window coverings with programming and scheduling options.

Another notable collaboration is with LEVOLOR Inc., focusing on excellent window treatments and safety, with all products in the collection having GREENGUARD Gold Certification for healthier indoor air quality.

With two decades of experience and a commitment to collaboration, SelectBlinds truly revolutionizes window coverings.


As SelectBlinds celebrates 20 years of success and revolutionizing the window covering industry, their commitment to collaboration and innovation shines through in their partnerships and product offerings.

The impact of the V&A William Morris Collection on the window coverings market has been significant. This collection, launched in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum, features nature-inspired patterns by William Morris and offers 28 color combinations across six sophisticated designs. It has brought a touch of elegance and artistry to window coverings, appealing to customers looking for unique and stylish options.

Another noteworthy achievement is the success of the SelectConnect Bridge in enhancing the functionality of motorized window coverings. Launched in partnership with Olibra/Bond, this device allows pairing and control of motorized window coverings, offering unified control of up to 30 SelectBlinds shades and blinds. It also provides programming and scheduling options, making it convenient and user-friendly.

Both the V&A William Morris Collection and the SelectConnect Bridge demonstrate SelectBlinds' dedication to providing innovative and high-quality solutions to their customers, solidifying their position as a leader in the window coverings industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Selectconnect Bridge Work and What Are Its Key Features?

The SelectConnect Bridge is a cutting-edge technology offered by SelectBlinds that revolutionizes the way window coverings are controlled.

This innovative device allows for seamless pairing and control of motorized window coverings, providing a unified control system for up to 30 SelectBlinds shades and blinds.

With its user-friendly app, the SelectConnect Bridge offers programming and scheduling options, empowering users to effortlessly customize their window coverings.

Its compatibility with multiple bridges also enables the coverage of larger areas.

Can the Selectblinds X LEVOLOR Collection Be Customized to Fit Different Window Sizes and Shapes?

Yes, the SelectBlinds x LEVOLOR collection offers customization options to fit different window sizes and shapes. This collaboration between SelectBlinds and LEVOLOR focuses on delivering excellent window treatments and prioritizing safety.

The collection debuted with 12 window coverings across seven categories, providing a range of options for various window types. With the goal of meeting diverse customer needs, the SelectBlinds x LEVOLOR collection ensures compatibility with different window shapes, allowing for a tailored and stylish solution for any home or space.

Are There Any Additional Benefits or Features of the V&A William Morris Collection That Make It Stand Out From Other Window Coverings?

The V&A William Morris Collection stands out from other window coverings due to its additional benefits and features.

Inspired by the nature-themed patterns of William Morris, the collection offers a range of roller shades, drapery, and roman shades.

With 28 color combinations across six designs, it provides a wide variety of options for customers.

The collection's attention to detail and sophisticated designs make it a unique and stylish choice for enhancing any space.

How Can Customers Access and Control the Motorized Window Coverings Paired With the Selectconnect Bridge?

Customers can access and control the motorized window coverings paired with the SelectConnect Bridge through a user-friendly mobile application.

The app allows for seamless integration and offers a range of features such as programming and scheduling options.

The installation process is straightforward, with clear instructions provided.

What Are Some Future Plans or Goals for Selectblinds in Terms of Expanding Their Product Offerings or Partnerships?

In terms of expanding their product offerings or partnerships, SelectBlinds is focused on two key areas:

  1. Expanding their international reach: SelectBlinds aims to bring their innovative window coverings to a wider audience and establish a global presence. This expansion will allow them to reach customers in different countries and cater to their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Collaborating with interior designers: By partnering with interior designers, SelectBlinds can tap into their expertise and create unique, customized solutions for customers. This collaboration will help them offer a wider range of design options and provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their specific requirements.

These initiatives will further enhance SelectBlinds' position as a leader in the window coverings industry. With a global presence and a strong focus on customization and design, SelectBlinds will be able to meet the diverse needs of customers and provide them with high-quality window coverings that enhance their spaces.


In conclusion, SelectBlinds has successfully revolutionized the window coverings industry in 2023 through its innovative product launches and collaborations.

The introduction of the V&A William Morris Collection and the SelectConnect Bridge, as well as the partnership with LEVOLOR Inc., have showcased the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

With its 20th anniversary celebration, SelectBlinds continues to lead the way by providing top-quality window coverings that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.